Even though each skill in language learning/teaching is significant, writing is one of the productive skills which requires the learners to be both creative and unique. This might be one of the reasons why learners of English complain that they have a great difficulty in writing something academic. However, if the learners are aware of what and how to write, they will have no fear of making an attempt to write in an academic way. Therefore, this book will provide the learners of English with the opportunity to figure out the different academic essay types along with the samples for each style that will give a great insight into the way they have been written. The samples shown for each academic essay type will give the learners not only the courage but also enthusiasm that they have so far needed to start writing their owns. What is more, each chapter will make the learners feel that it is possible to write an academic essay both accurately and properly considering the task requirements given in any kind of exam that tests the language proficiency of the learners. This might be either the proficiency test of a School of Foreign Languages in a university or an internationally accepted language test just like an IELTS or a TOEFL. Besides the test-takers, the students enrolled in departments or faculties which provide English-medium-instruction will highly benefit from this book which will certainly enable them to write their term papers, academic reports or response papers as one of the requirements of the courses that they take. Furthermore, instructors giving an Academic Writing course in an undergraduate degree will find this book fruitful for their lectures.

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